Behold the Selfie Stick

As you know the rise of the Selfie is beginning to change the world forever! Being an avid fan of Selfies myself I recently discovered the Selfie Stick, even though I am not normally one for impulsive buys I couldn’t resist this bargain! with the  hope it will abolish the time wasted having to find trust within that one person to hand your camera or mobile phone over to when wanting a portrait of yourself and your partner in front of a monumental building. Though living in Ireland I am sure we will get a few strange looks when using this gadget! In the meantime I will be keeping a keen eye on the letterbox awaiting my new toy’s arrival and I am hoping it comes before Dublin which is definitely on the cards in December.


Uncovering Dublin!

Being from Dublin myself, I never got the opportunity to fully explore what it has to offer in terms of historical buildings. Dublin castle has always been high on my list of ‘To Do’s’  but life seems to always get in the way anytime I plan to visit it, and of course the shopping I just cannot resist that bargain. So with only 5 weeks to go to Christmas it is my goal to head up to the big smoke and not only soak up the holiday atmosphere but to finally uncover the history of Dublin. So fingers crossed I make it this time because I am so excited about all of the photo opportunities and the chance to really capture my home county in an especially magical light.

Keep Calm and Go to London !

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. – Samuel Johnson.

A Crisp Golden leaf falls from the tree lined road of Parliament Square as we say our Farewells to London for now. Passing by Hyde park I can see why there is a pride about Britain,  I feel a certain pride also being here. A place where everybody can dream….

A row of red buses, the ambient light of a black cab , a replica of royalty and a mixture of cultures all under the watchful eye of Big Brother. High Rise buildings,the most luxurious of hotels , high street shops fighting to leave their stamp on London’s fashionista and if you listen closely enough you can here the far cry of desperation to succeed , to survive in this whirlpool of high society.  All surrounded by the overwhelming eerie silence of the thousands gather around the Tower of London glancing at a sea of poppies to commemorate those who where lost in battle on this 100th year of Remembrance Sunday.

Then there is me and my camera and this is how I will remember my trip to London.

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London’s Calling !

London ….. Bright lights , Historic Buildings , the hustle and bustle of everyday living , fashion, music , art there are so many words to describe this city ! ….. So in approximately a weeks time I am going to London. I love the place and the photo opportunities are going to be great . I have been before but have never had my trusty camera with me, so this time it is going to be even more magical . We are only going for three days and there is an endless list of places that I want to visit already, how do I decide ? I am normally a list maker but this time I have just decided to see where the wind takes me, and hopefully the rain holds off . Our hotel the H10 Waterloo (I have included a few images below) has an amazing view over London City, So hopefully I will capture some great SNAPS! that is if I am not seduced by the cocktail menu before hand. This will be our first adventure together so I hope you are as excited as I am.

The rooftop view from the hotel. h2 h3 h5