London’s Calling !

London ….. Bright lights , Historic Buildings , the hustle and bustle of everyday living , fashion, music , art there are so many words to describe this city ! ….. So in approximately a weeks time I am going to London. I love the place and the photo opportunities are going to be great . I have been before but have never had my trusty camera with me, so this time it is going to be even more magical . We are only going for three days and there is an endless list of places that I want to visit already, how do I decide ? I am normally a list maker but this time I have just decided to see where the wind takes me, and hopefully the rain holds off . Our hotel the H10 Waterloo (I have included a few images below) has an amazing view over London City, So hopefully I will capture some great SNAPS! that is if I am not seduced by the cocktail menu before hand. This will be our first adventure together so I hope you are as excited as I am.

The rooftop view from the hotel. h2 h3 h5


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