Keep Calm and Go to London !

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. – Samuel Johnson.

A Crisp Golden leaf falls from the tree lined road of Parliament Square as we say our Farewells to London for now. Passing by Hyde park I can see why there is a pride about Britain,  I feel a certain pride also being here. A place where everybody can dream….

A row of red buses, the ambient light of a black cab , a replica of royalty and a mixture of cultures all under the watchful eye of Big Brother. High Rise buildings,the most luxurious of hotels , high street shops fighting to leave their stamp on London’s fashionista and if you listen closely enough you can here the far cry of desperation to succeed , to survive in this whirlpool of high society.  All surrounded by the overwhelming eerie silence of the thousands gather around the Tower of London glancing at a sea of poppies to commemorate those who where lost in battle on this 100th year of Remembrance Sunday.

Then there is me and my camera and this is how I will remember my trip to London.

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